The Original Kinton

I mentioned in my last post that Kinton was a design based off a project I knitted almost 3 years ago. When I decided that the yummy Magpie yarn was destined to become a version of that same top, I wanted to hug myself for taking such good notes! I found my crumpled sheet of yellow paper with all the details and got to swatching. The final version ended up being a little different, but not completely.

original version
final version

The main differences are in construction and yarn choice. Even though the differences are subtle, the two tops are very different to look at. In the original, I chose to knit the front and back separately and join them with seams, while the final version is completely seamless. The yarn used in the original version was a laceweight silk/linen blend, which created a super lightweight and airy top, while the final version was created with a fingering weight wool, giving the top a bit more warmth and structure. It also made it not so see through, which I think is important. The neck hem was also picked up and knitted onto the final version as opposed to being part of the cast on. I also added garter hems to the sleeves on the final version, while the original didn’t have any sleeve finishing at all. I do still love the original, and wear it often during the warmer months, but I feel the final version is a huge improvement. Believe it or not, the lace stitch pattern is the same, but what a difference the yarn makes in the way it knits up! It was fun to look back at the original while I was putting the finishing touches on the final version. There are a lot of things I would have done differently with the original if I’d had to do it over again – I’d add more ease, and make the top seamless – but I really enjoyed seeing how my thought process and skills have grown over the last 3 years. It’s nice to know that I’m growing in my craft, even when it doesn’t feel like it.



3 thoughts on “The Original Kinton

  1. this is amazing! I love that knitting is a craft that so clearly documents our growing skills and process. I already wanted to cast this on but knowing the story makes me want to even more 🙂


  2. I am just about finished with the Kinton project but have gotten hung up on finishing the short row section. I am not having trouble with the short rows. I think I can’t figure out where to start the short row section. No matter where in the pattern I start with the Short row 1: knit 18 stitches, I don’t seem to be on the purl side when directed to purl or don’t have adequate stitches to repeat short rows 3 and 4. Can you help me?


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