Ivy, Ivy, Ivy

Ivy Trellis Socks, dyed with ivy leaves, photographed in ivy. Overkill? Nope. 

Oh, these socks. They’ve been quite a long time in the making. Last January I read in one of my natural dyeing books about dyeing with ivy leaves, and decided to give it a try, as we have quite a bit of ivy in our yard. The result was a lovely yellow green, with some grey undertones. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make with it – it was 400 yards of a fingering weight silk/wool blend. My initial thought was a shawl, but as I was looking through the Botanical Knits book Jake got me for Christmas, I knew the yarn needed to become the Ivy Trellis Socks. 

I’d planned to start them last spring, but other things took priority. Plus, I know how slowly I tend to knit socks, and I didn’t want them to be languishing on my needles for months while I had a bunch of other projects going on, so they waited. 

Jesse and I, plus a few other Instagram friends, decided to do a KAL, starting at the beginning of April. As usual, my first sock went quickly, and I even cast on the second immediately. But the second took a bit longer, as other projects popped up, and life got in the way. They’re finally off the needles and on my feet, and I love them. They really were pretty addictive to make, as the cable pattern was pretty easy to memorize after a few repeats, and I loved watching the pattern evolve. 

I used a US 1 needle, like the pattern called for, but they’re a bit tight to get on. She suggested using a size up since the pattern doesn’t have much stretch, but I went for it anyway. I have fairly skinny feet, so I thought I’d be fine. They are fine once on, but if I knitted these again, I’d go up to a US 2 for the leg. Blocking helped as well. This is the second pattern I’ve made from Botanical Knits, and I think I could knit just about everything in it, and in Botanical Knits 2. This naturally dyed yarn really fits with the concept of the book, being nature centered, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect match for these socks. The fact that I was able to gather the dye materials from my front yard makes them extra special, and a knit I know I will treasure. 

3 thoughts on “Ivy, Ivy, Ivy

  1. These are beautiful! Definitely going in my queue. I might even follow your lead and dye them with ivy–no shortage of that in my yarn.


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