Morning Mist

This pattern is one I wanted to knit last year, but just never got around to it. So at the first hint of my fingers itching for a spring knit this year, I cast on. It was a fairly quick project, and like most of my projects, would have been quicker if I could stop myself from casting on everything in the world.


I can’t say enough good things about this pattern. It’s got something for everyone – a little lace, some stockinette, and some garter. The top construction is interesting, and just when you’re ready for a little break, you join in the round and it’s smooth sailing stockinette.

I went back and forth when choosing yarn, and ultimately decided on Cascade 220 sport for a few reasons. I think this top will be a good transitional piece, for both fall and spring, and around here it’s better to be a bit overdressed than under during those seasons, so I thought wool would be a better choice than cotton or something similar. And the price couldn’t be beat. The materials for this top cost me about $20.

I am all about using American-made, sustainable, organic, insert-trendy-word-here yarns, and I think it’s really great that people are starting to be more aware of where their materials are coming from. But to keep up with all the projects I want to make, sometimes I have to be practical, and I have no problem doing that. I really enjoyed using this yarn, and could definitely see using it again. It’s a strong, workhorse yarn, and I have no doubt that this top will last many years.

The pattern calls for the hem, sleeve cuffs, and neck edging to be knitted in the main color, but I opted to use the same color as the lace section. Mainly because I wanted to use the whole skein, which I accomplished. I had about 10 yards left. I also just like the little additions of color. Other than that cosmetic change, I followed the pattern exactly as it was written. I made the smallest size, which gives me about .5-1 inch of positive ease, depending on the bra I’m wearing, and gives me a great fit all over.

This is my first project finished for Shannon’s Tops, Tanks, & Tees KAL, and I’ve already cast on my second. We’re going to the beach in a few weeks, and I’ve decided to try and whip out a Beach House beforehand. So far, it’s working up quickly, and is looking like it’ll be done in plenty of time!


19 thoughts on “Morning Mist

  1. The contrast colour at the collar, hem and cuff totally makes. If I’ll ever decide to knit this I’ll totally have to steal the idea. I also like that you chose natural colours and not something too fruity.


  2. Beautiful!! I don’t think I’ve seen that pattern before, either. I love the contrasting details, it looks so good on you! And it’s so satisfying using up the whole skein, isn’t it.


  3. I saw this pattern on Ravelry and came to your blog to take a look. What a great idea that you knit the edging in the lace color. It really makes the top pop. Also, thank you for recommending Cascade 220 sport. I’m eager to start on this!


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