Docklight, and a Tale of Two Dye Lots

After what seems like forever (but was really just two months), I’ve finished my Docklight pullover! I am just thrilled with the result.

This was my first Julie Hoover pattern, and it won’t be my last. Lately, it seems like every time Brooklyn Tween puts out a new collection, I click over to the patterns I love the most, and they’re almost always designed by Julie. I’ve got my eye on Benton next, but in laceweight, because I’m a glutton for punishment.

The wool I used for this sweater was once again, Bovidae Farms – a local to me yarn. I’ve written about it in the past. The color of this yarn seems to be almost impossible to accurately capture. The photo below does the best job, I think. It’s a stunning, rich purple, with flecks of yellow, red, and blue.

  The only problem I had with this sweater was my inability to match dye lots. When I grabbed the yarn at SAFF, I just assumed (like an amateur) that all the skeins were from the same dye lot – they all looked the same side by side! It wasn’t until I was a couple of inches into the second skein that I realized just how different they were. I pulled out all my skeins and discovered I had three from one dye lot, and two from another. I decided that instead of ripping back everything and starting over alternating skeins, I would use the three matching skeins for the body, and the two other matching skeins for the sleeves. My hope was that since they looked so similar side by side in skeins that maybe the difference wouldn’t be as noticeable this way. I was kinda right. To me, the difference is obvious. Jake claims he can’t tell at all. Some photos really highlight the difference (see below), and in others the difference is barely noticeable.

Regardless, I love the sweater. I followed the instructions for the smallest size, 35.25″, but blocked the bust out to about a 36″ for 2 inches of positive ease. There is no shaping in the body of the sweater, so I was a little worried it would make me look a little boxy & weird, but I think the fit is one of the things I love about it, although I added an inch in length to each sleeve, and I actually wish I hadn’t. It causes the sleeves to bunch up a little around the elbows, so I can see myself wearing this with the cuffs turned up.


I’m really loving the early Spring we’re experiencing, but I’m finding myself hoping for a tiny cold spell – not enough to kill any of my plants, but enough to let me wear this sweater once before next fall!

{you can see more photos on my Ravelry page}


5 thoughts on “Docklight, and a Tale of Two Dye Lots

  1. Well I think the sweater looks wonderful despite the difference in dye lots. I don’t notice it either on the photo’s. You did a great job!


  2. what a beautiful sweater!!! I love the colour, and sadly I think we have all been there on the dye lot issue- I think you solved it really well, it’s a very subtle difference, and over time it may balance out.


  3. It looks great! I really can’t tell the dye lots apart although I feel your pain as this happened to me woth my first sweater. I got away with using a skein for the front and sleeves and one for the back and it’s not painfully obvious unless you teally look at it. Anyway, this is lovely and I love the color


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