I’ve been feeling a bit unfocused with my knitting lately, jumping from one project to the next, itching to cast on new things with reckless abandon, and unmotivated to finish my current projects. This isn’t a new feeling for me – it usually hits me at least once a year. I’ve tried to reel it in somewhat by creating a WIP basket. I went around the house and collected all my WIPs that were stashed around, and now they sit in a basket in my living room, staring me in the face.


So, this past weekend, while losing motivation to finish the second sleeve of my Docklight Pullover, I reached in and grabbed a color affection shawl that’s been languishing for about a year now. And now, just a few days later, I’ve got myself a new shawl.


This is the second time I’ve made this pattern, and the first time my increases were a bit too tight, resulting in edges that didn’t curl beautifully like they do in the pattern photos. So this time, for all the edge increases, I opted to use KFB loosely, which helped to make that lovely curled edge you see in the photo above. Blocking the shawl correctly also helped with that, because pre-blocking I was worried I was going to have non-curling edges again. The magic of blocking never ceases to amaze me.


For the sake of just getting something done, I didn’t do as many short row repeats as the pattern called for, and made my bottom edging only one inch, as opposed to the two the pattern called for. The result is a smaller shawl, but it’s still plenty big, and I find it’s actually easier to wear than my other one because of the size.


Running off the motivation of actually finishing something, I’m hopeful I’ll be able to focus a bit more on my current projects and empty out that WIP basket a bit.

{You can see more info on the yarns I used here, on my Ravelry page.}


4 thoughts on “Unfocused

  1. That is such a great idea to round p your WIPs in one spot, I need a basket like that. I think I use the whole ‘out of sight out of mind’ excuse to avoid certain WIPs that got stuck at awkward places in their patterns, and having to find the patterns and figure out where I am again and get it all back in the zone feels a bit daunting. but look at your beautiful new shawl! That is definitely some good motivation to pick up those projects again


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