New Year, New Needles

I’ve been interested in buying a new set of interchangeable knitting needles for a while now. My first set has just about worn out – I’ve had several of the connectors separate from the cables, and while I know KP is pretty good about replacing them, I just felt like it was time to get something more durable. At first, my search was incredibly overwhelming. There are so many choices out there! Ultimately, I ended up landing on ChiaoGoo’s twist lace set.


Clearly there are a couple of needles missing here, and that’s because they’re being used. As soon as I got them, I switched over my projects to using them, and I’m in love. The cable is amazing, with a super smooth join, and so much flexibility. I love the feel of the needles. They’re sharp, but not so sharp they hurt my fingers when I press on the end of them (as I often do when knitting, to push stitches to the end of the needle).



Something else I felt was missing from my Knit Picks set was that the needle tips didn’t have the size etched onto the tip (I’ve been told that the newer sets from KP do have this, so I’m really glad they’ve changed that!), and these do. They also come with three cable lengths, which come in either small or large size. The smaller sized needles go with the skinnier cables, and the larger needle tips go with the larger cable. Each tip also has a (s) or (l) on the tip to let you know which cable width to use with which tip, which I find really helpful.


I honestly feel like the price here is a steal. All together, there are 13 different needle sizes, ranging from 2-15, as well as stitch markers and other notions. When you think about it, since each needle size can make circular needles of three different lengths, you’re getting 39 pairs of knitting needles for less than $115 – that’s less than $3 a pair.


I already had a pair of 9 inch ChiaoGoo circular needles (seen above), so I had experience using them, and knew I liked the feel of the tips. However, I will say that this set has far exceeded my expectations, and I’m extremely happy that I landed on it. I’ll also say, just in case you were wondering, I have no affiliation with this brand, nor did they ask me to write a review. I bought these on my own, and had multiple people on Instagram ask me to follow up with what I thought, so I thought this would be the best place to do it. Ultimately, I think making an investment in a good set of interchangeable needles is totally worth it, as I firmly believe the tools we use are so important to the quality of the things we make. I also know that needles aren’t a “one size fits all” tool. Some knitters prefer wood, some prefer metal, some prefer square, and some prefer double pointed needles instead of circular. I encourage you to try and find what works best for you – maybe go to a local yarn shop and ask them to try out a few needles so that you can determine which suits you best. Or if you’re part of a knitting group, try out some of your friend’s needles. It can be overwhelming at first, but well worth it! Happy knitting, friends!


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