Cutch Ginkgo

I wrote about this shawl a few weeks ago when I wrote about all the projects I had on my needles. I wasn’t expecting to be finished with it this soon, but after weighing my yarn halfway through the second chart repeat, I realized Jesse & I would be playing some serious yarn chicken if we repeated the entire chart twice, so we bound off after working the chart one and a half times. The result is a lovely sized, delicate, shawl.
This shawl is so special. Not only is the yarn naturally dyed, but it’s the first thing that Jesse and I have knitted together that’s exactly the same. She put it best – it’s the knitting version of the 90’s BFF necklaces.
The color is a bit hard to pick up – it’s a wonderful orangeish-brown, with red tones. Great description, right? The above color is probably the most accurate that we could get.
I also want to take a second to apologize to those of you that are still snow-covered. I hope these photos give you a glimpse of what’s to come – Spring will arrive! We’ve been having some beautiful weather this week, and I’m getting really excited for the flowers to bloom, and all the gardening in my future.
The yarn I used for this shawl is a 70/30 wool/silk blend from Knit Picks that I picked up during one of their sales. I’ve dyed two other skeins of it, and I just love the way the wool and silk pick up the dye. The yarn always turns out so silky, with just a hint of sheen. I plan on using one of the skeins for a pair of socks, and I’ll be interested to see how the yarn holds up as socks. I loved working with it, and may use the remaining 98 yards of this skein for a pair of fingerless mitts.
Since I got two projects off the needles this past weekend, I’ve already started a new laceweight tank for me, and will cast on for the baby knit I asked your advice on last week. I hope to have a post next week to show you what project I ended up choosing! Thanks to all of you for weighing in – it was much appreciated!



4 thoughts on “Cutch Ginkgo

  1. BFF shawls for the win!!! Also, your hair cut is really really cute. It makes me want to give up on growing mine back out and cut layers back in. But that's off topic. BFF shawls!!! :*


  2. That's beautiful! I love seeing all your natural dyed goodies-I'm totally feeling inspired to start doing some myself! I love the idea of BFF Shawls too!


  3. The shawl is really beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about knitting with friends. It's really fun to be working on the same project & comparing notes along the way!


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