Tree Rings

My mother in law turns 60 this Friday, and since the people you love only turn 60 once (unless you’re my mom, who’s still celebrating her 30th birthday), I felt that it called for a big knitted gift. I debated back and forth between a sweater or a blanket, and ultimately chose to knit her a blanket. I wanted to gift to be a surprise, and knew that if I made her a sweater, I would need her measurements, which would be hard to do without ruining the surprise. I mean, how do you ask someone their bust measurement “just out of curiosity”?  So, a blanket was the winning choice. Jake and I perused Ravelry, looking for something we thought she’d love, and ended up going with Tree Rings by Andrea Rangle, from Wool People 6.
(You’ll have to excuse the lack-of-natural-light photos. It’s staying lighter later and later, but it just wasn’t enough for these photos!)
Ahhh, that lace edging. (Side note: do not just Google the word “edging” to see if it’s spelled right. I was horrified by the results. Kids these days…) It was very time consuming, and kinda a pain in the ass, but so worth it. In total, the lace 24-row chart is repeated 48 times. It took me until somewhere around the 30th repeat to actually have the thing memorized. Once I did have it memorized, though, that helped speed up the process.
For the sake of time, I had to leave out the last repeat of the slipped stitch pattern. I was a little worried at first that it might make the blanket too small, but as soon as I laid it out to block, those fears went away. It’s still really big! A great size for one person to snuggle up with.
I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the Fedora colorway. It’s such a great workhorse wool, and I think this blanket will last quite a long time, and will hopefully be well loved! 



10 thoughts on “Tree Rings

  1. Stunning, what an amazing gift!

    And damnit, curiosity got the best of me and I had to google edging as well. I regret that decision..


  2. Its gorgeous and she will no doubt absolutely love it!! My dad turned 60 in January and I have yarn for a sweater for him sitting in my basket waiting to be swatched…


  3. Haha! That sounds like something I'd do… usually I'm not a huge stickler for having gifts done on the actual day – if it's done, it's done – but I really wanted to finish this one on time. She loved it, and I was so glad it was finished!


  4. Thank you! I highly recommend it – other than it being a large project (read: not portable), it was fun to knit. And bonus, at a certain point, it can keep you warm while you knit it!


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