I’m Not Making Any Christmas Gifts This Year

I spoke those words, and I totally meant them.
Then I changed my mind.
Luckily, my family is pretty laid back about Christmas gifts. The last few years we’ve done strictly handmade gifts, and this year decided to just do small stuff. So when I realized that my only options were to actually go shopping (yuck), or whip up a few quick, cozy knits, I went with the latter.
This one is no surprise. It’s really hard to hide a Christmas knit for your husband when he picks out the yarn and sits next to you in the evenings while you knit it. But I’m going for it anyway. In sticking with my theme of quick gifts, this hat is knitting up very quickly. I cast on Tuesday evening, and after working on it a bit last night and this morning, it looks like this.
It’ll be done in no time.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Making Any Christmas Gifts This Year

  1. I wasn't going to knit any gifts this year either… but I am. Ugh. I agree that it is far better than heading into any retail establishment, but I hate having a looming deadline on something that is typically just for fun. :-/ It will be over soon. 😀


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