Aidez, the Third

Some patterns are meant to be knit over and over (and in this case, over).

For me, Aidez is one of those patterns. It’s free, fun to make, and knits up quick. Plus, the end result is so incredibly comfy and warm. Of the three I’ve made, this is my favorite. I made it for my mom, and did a few things similar to the one I knitted for myself, but with a few changes. For starters, I didn’t knit the whole things in 3 days. I worked the starting numbers for the XS, but didn’t do the decreases, which had me end up and the arm shaping with the numbers for the small. I figured with a sweater that’s oversized, waist shaping just wasn’t necessary. I really wish I had done that on mine. Omitting those decreases really made it fit well below the waist. I knitted the sleeves as is for the size small, and used mattress stitch throughout for seaming. This one is for my mom, but I knew she wouldn’t be interested in me taking a bunch of photos of her, so that’s why I’m modeling. She’s about the same size as me, except a little taller, and it really fits her perfectly.

This one was made in part of Shannon’s annual Summer Sweater KAL, and finished just in time! Really, I finished a couple days after the original deadline, but she granted an extension, so I was able to take my time with the second sleeve, and final seams.
I can’t say enough good things about this KAL that Shannon puts on. I don’t do a great job of being very active in the forums, but it’s a great way to follow along with everyone’s sweater progress, and I always know if I run in to a problem with the pattern I’m making, or have any questions, there’s an amazing support group just waiting – full of knowledge and wisdom.

I’m really considering knitting another one of these using these same mods for myself. One can never have too many cozy, oversized sweaters!
(ps – just a few days left until we cast on for our October Affection KAL!)



8 thoughts on “Aidez, the Third

  1. Of course you can't jave enough cozy, oversized sweaters 😀 This one looks so comfortable and is so beautifully knit. And now you've made some mods that you liked, which is also a good reason to make another one.


  2. I hope you scored major daughter of the year points for knitting your mom a sweater! I knit a sweater for each of my parents a couple years back, but I don't know if I'll do it again. It's a labor love, for sure!


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