Car Knitting

I hope you all (here in the US, anyway) enjoyed a nice long weekend and Labor day. We headed up to Virginia to see Jake’s family, so I tried to take advantage of the car time to catch up on some knitting.
Thanks to car knitting, I’m now at the point in my New Girl skirt where I’m ready to start the daisy stitch edging. Somehow I misread the pattern, and knitted about an inch too much of the contrasting color, but ultimately decided to leave it. A little extra length never hurt anyone. 
I’m really loving these two colors together. The main color is a great brown/grey combo, and one can never go wrong with a heathered orange. I’m a bit nervous because the waist seems huge, even though most of the projects on Ravelry say not to worry because installing the elastic takes care of that. It’s hard not to worry though, but I’m trying to trust the pattern.
I also got to work a bit on my tights. There’s not really much to report on them at this moment. They’re all ribbing. They’re pretty boring. They are, however, going fairly quickly when I have time to work on them, so I have faith that I’ll be able to finish them this fall. I’m a bit further along than in this photo – the tights are above my knees now. And even though there’s only one showing in this photo, I’m knitting them two at a time.
Isn’t car knitting just the best?

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