The tops, tees, and tanks KAL is in full swing, and I’m grateful for some motivation to work on my spring top. It’s really fun to follow along in the thread on Ravelry and see everyone’s progress.
I’m moving along, slow and steady, as lace knitting with linen and silk tends to be that way – for this knitter anyway.
According to my swatch, my row gauge is about 16 rows per 2 inches, which means to get to a length of 14 inches from the armpit, I need to work 112 rounds. That works out to 14 repeats of my 8-row lace pattern. In this photo I’ve done 4, so I’ve still got a ways to go.
I put a few stitches on scrap yarn and tried it on, just to make sure it fits – and it does! There was a part of me that was skeptical before I got it on, but I’m glad I trusted my swatch. 
When I blocked my swatch, I learned that this yarn goes from stiff and scratchy to soft and flowy when blocked, so I’m really looking forward to the fit of the top once it’s finished & blocked.



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