Peer Pressure

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of all the knits I wanted to knit, and a general time during the year that I wanted to work on them. Thanks to Michelle, Cassy, and all the other gorgeous versions of Antrorse, I’ve already strayed from that list. I was planning on knitting this sweater this year, just not this early in the year. Peer pressure. Gets me every time.
But I don’t regret it one bit. I could live in this sweater.
I knit this using trusty Cascade 220, which is such a great yarn. It’s affordable, durable, and comes in so many amazing colors. My camera had a hard time picking up the real color of this yarn, though. It’s not as blue as it looks – it’s very purple. 
I used the recommended US 10 needles because I liked the look of the looser fabric, which made my gauge a little off because Cascade is worsted, instead of aran. But to work around that, I made the size 34, to get about a 33. It’s the perfect amount of over-sized for me.
It’s a great sweater for this time of year. It’s warming up, but still cool, and Antrorse is great for layering.

Even though it may be a small detail, I really love the garter stitch hem on the body and sleeves. Sometimes I forget how much I love garter stitch. It was the first thing I learned to knit, so it’s easy for me to dismiss it as “beginner”, but it really has a simplistic beauty to it.
I will probably go back and add a crochet chain to the backside of the funnel neck to help avoid “droopy neck syndrome”. Mine is holding up pretty well, but the buttons are a bit heavy, which causes it to droop just a little.
Now, to focus on getting these socks off the needles so I can cast on my tights!
 {see more photos on my instagram}



10 thoughts on “Peer Pressure

  1. Thanks, Michelle! I wish the camera could capture the color better – it's such a rich, vibrant purple! Everyone needs some purple in their lives… Jake informed me that it's the color of royalty.


  2. GORGEOUS! I love that radiant purple color. I wish mine was worsted weight so I could get a little more wear out of it. It's proving to be too bulky as winter fades away. It will be great next year though. Love your toggle buttons too.


  3. Thanks, Cassy! I'm really happy I went with worsted – it's been perfect for our current weather, and will adapt to be great for winter with a few layers underneath. Thank YOU for knitting such an awesome sweater that was great motivation and inspiration!


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