Sweater Surgery

For this post, we’re going to take a trip back in time. All the way back to 2010.
2010 was the year this sweater was born.
And, at the time, I really loved it. I still do love it. The problem is that it’s just not that comfortable to wear. The sleeves are so big that they just kinda get in the way. 
2010 was also the year this sweater was born.
Look at those seams. They make me cringe, as does the neckline. Yikes. I guess at this point in time my motto was “get it over with”, because had I taken any time to actually look at what I was doing, I think this sweater would look a lot better.
(Judging from the these photos, I basically lived in those jeans. They also had surgery and are now jean shorts.)
Now, we’ll jump forward a bit to 2012, which is the year this sweater was born.
I just adore the color of this sweater. Unfortunately, it had a bad run through the wash and now it looks like this.
(Side note: look at that Forsythia. Ahhhh, Spring. Also, not sure who told me bangs were a good idea…)
(Surprisingly, Pearl had nothing to do with the holes. Although given the chance, she’d love to do some damage.)
There are a few other holes in it due to the washing mishap, and I wasn’t crazy about the sleeve length, which deterred me from wearing it as much as I could have.
So here we are. February 19, 2014. And these three sweaters currently are stored away, awaiting surgery.
Don’t see the oatmeal colored sweater in this pile? That’s because she’s (yes, she) already gone through her pre-surgical appointment with the dye bath, and is now a great shade of red, with hints of yellow and orange. She will soon be completely dismantled and become a Beatnik, where she will be worn with much more pride, instead of always with a vest so her seams wouldn’t show.
The orange batwing sweater will be a bit trickier. My initial plan is to rip back to the bottom of sleeves, make the body longer, and the sleeves not as wide. I may make the sleeves a little longer too.
As for the blue sweater, I think she will be dismantled as well, and probably re-knit with smaller needles and longer sleeves.
Who knows when I’ll get to all these sweaters. Much like people here in the US, they’re going to have to wait a while before they have the surgeries they need. But eventually I’ll get to them, and I’ll have three great new sweaters to wear.
PSA: Folks, make sure your sweaters are signed up to be donors. You never know when their life will end, and they could donate some or all of themselves to become something even more wonderful.



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