Heirloom Doily Rug

Back in December, Jake pointed out to me that I had yet to knit anything for our house. I’ve made a few blankets for wedding presents, and a pillow for my in-laws, but nothing for us and our little house. So, I resolved to make some things for us. I started browsing through my favorites on Ravelry and making plans. 
Speaking of, isn’t is fun to go back and browse through things you’ve marked as a favorite? It’s often where I find forgotten patterns, and is almost always a source of inspiration.
I’d forgotten that a while ago I earmarked this vintage doily pattern with plans to use bulky yarn and turn it into a rug. So, I grabbed my big (US13!) needles, some bulky Lion Brand yarn, and went to work. When I first started knitting, this was my go to yarn – I was doing craft shows and this yarn was perfect for the cowls and fingerless gloves I was selling. I have quite a few skeins leftover that have just been sitting around for a few years, and thought they would be great for this project. 

But, true to my modus operandi, I didn’t have enough yarn. I ran out of the oatmeal color four rounds before the end, and had to improvise. I thought the green would make a nice edging color, and was rolling along when I ran out of it, too. Luckily, I had enough of another color that didn’t contrast too much, so I finished the rug off with it.
Initially, I finished the green rounds, and immediately bound off with the eggplant color, but found that the edges kept rolling up. So, I tinkered back, did a purl round, and then bound off. It worked wonderfully. And while the colors at the edge were made out of necessity, I’m actually quite fond of them.
I used my iron and steam blocked the finished rug to open up the lace and help it lay a little better.  I was a little skeptical at first, because this yarn is mostly acrylic, but it worked really well, and was a much quicker way to block than wet blocking. I’ve only ever done wet blocking before, but may give steam blocking a try on my next wool garment.
You can find a few more details on my Ravelry page.



10 thoughts on “Heirloom Doily Rug

  1. This is one cool rug! Congratulations on another great creation! I’m sure your folks are now happy that you’ve been able to make such a nice rug for your home. I think it’ll look good in the living room or near the fireplace. I actually like the color on the edges despite your reservations with it.

    Betty Watson


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