A Dress to Impress

I’m thrilled.
Can you tell?
I could stop there, and only write those two words about this dress, but that would be very unlike me, so I’ll continue.
Like I said earlier, I feel like this dress was designed for me. It’s so perfectly my style, and you may notice, I’ve styled mine very similar to the model. A lot of it is because she’s super cute, and I want to look like that, but I also loved the look.
The fit is wonderful. The perfect length, and the perfect amount of fitted. For this dress, I used about four and a half skeins of Ella Rae Worsted. I’ve got five and a half skeins left, which I’m planning on making into either Antrorse or Oshima sometime in the next few months. I just adore this color. I could probably buy a bunch more and fill my closet with sweaters made from it. But that would get boring.
I’m particularly pleased with the side seams. There was a part of me that just wanted to quickly whipstitch the sides together and get it over with, but the grown-up, mature knitter in me won over. While these seams aren’t totally invisible, they blend in really well, and I’m very happy I took the time to seam them correctly. This was the first time I’d ever done an invisible stitch on reverse stockinette, and I found this video to be really helpful. 
The pattern was very well written, and I really enjoyed every second of knitting this. I think I’m going to have a hard time not wearing it every day.
You can see more photos on my Ravelry page!
And now, I’ll get back to working on my gloves.



11 thoughts on “A Dress to Impress

  1. Ah!! It's so crazy cute! I want to drop everything and make one. But I'm already doing that with something else, so I won't. :). You are a such an accomplished knitter, Jennifer. Once you do a dress, what's left? Steeks?


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