A (Summer/Fall/Winter) Sweater

Last time I blogged, I briefly mentioned finishing my summer sweater. Yesterday while we were out at a Christmas tree farm getting our tree (my favorite tradition!), we were able to snap a few shots of it in action.
Gosh, I love this sweater. It’s warm, it’s soft, and it’s pretty freakin’ cute.
I only made a few modifications (which almost ruined the sweater… but I’ll talk about that later), and am much happier with the fit as opposed to the fit of the pattern. The pattern is written for a cropped sweater, but I’ve found that look just isn’t flattering on me, so I added about 5 inches to the body. This meant putting more space in-between the increases, which was no problem, and required a little simple math. 
When it came time to seam, I decided to use mattress stitch, but I seamed it with the wrong sides together, so that the seam would be exposed. I thought this fit in well with the cables and chunkiness of the sweater. I really like the way it looks!
The only problem I ran into because of the length was running out of yarn. I had 5 skeins originally, and after I finished both sleeves and the front, I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I ordered another skein, and the color difference was glaringly obvious, and I knew I couldn’t use the new skein to finish my sweater. A few weeks later, I remembered that a hat I knitted last year used about a half a skein of the original 5 skeins, so I grabbed the hat and went to work unraveling. A few minutes later I had enough to complete my sweater.
One of my favorite things about this sweater is its versatility. It’s so warm and comfortable, which is perfect for Fall & Winter, but I wore it over a dress about a month ago when we had a a particularly warm day, and it was the perfect layering piece.
I’ve switched over into full-on Christmas knitting mode, but do have another finished project to share soon, so stay tuned!
 Hope all of you here in the US who celebrate Thanksgiving enjoyed a wonderful one!



7 thoughts on “A (Summer/Fall/Winter) Sweater

  1. I love these pictures – you look so cute in your new(ish) sweater! Nothing beats a cabled sweater for fall, in my opinion. And I'm so surprised you have snow there – we don't have any in Chicago!


  2. Excellent choice with the seaming. It looks completely natural on the sweater- I had to go back and look for it after I read that! It's very flattering on you and I love the green!


  3. I wondered when we'd see this one! It's beautiful, Jennifer. I love that your seams face outward. You know you've gained confidence as a knitter when you make decisions like that. It works so well!


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