Spring KAL Wrap Up

This project really almost got the best of me. I got busy, so it took me way too long to finish, I ran out of yarn (in a discontinued color, at that), and looked like it was going to be too small. Thank goodness for blocking. I’m really glad I stuck it out and finished it, because it will definitely be one of my favorite tops this summer.
I added pockets, which are totally not functional because I didn’t have enough yarn (see a theme here?), but they add a fun pop of color to the body.
And since I ran out of yarn, I didn’t get to make the body as long as I originally wanted. But all in all, I really love this top. I’m even thinking about making another one with lace weight yarn (but I’ll make sure I have enough yarn before I start…).
This was a fun KAL! Thanks to Shannon for hosting, and all the wonderful ladies I got to meet and talk with over in the KAL thread on Ravelry. Now I’m in search of a new project to start – any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Spring KAL Wrap Up

  1. looks so great!! the fit is fantastic! well done! xo ooOO well the summer sweater kal will be starting in just a few weeks!! you should join in! xo


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