I finished and blocked my Annis shawl today, and am excited to cast on something new, which is a great sign that things are coming around for me on the knitting front.
I bought this yarn about 4 years ago when I was first getting into knitting lace, and before I figured out that super variegated yarn isn’t really my thing. I was a little concerned while knitting this that pooling was going to be a problem, but as I was pinning it down for blocking, I was very happy to see that the pooling wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.
This was a fun little pattern – and I still can’t believe how much it grew! I was worried about it being too small the entire time I was working on it, but it’s the perfect size for wrapping up in. I made this for my brother in law’s wedding at the beginning of May – it just happened to match my bridesmaid dress perfectly!

You can see the pooling better in these photos, but when it’s on it’s not as bad. 
I made a few mods to give mine a little more size. After all the short rows were finished, I knitted about 20 rows so that my shawl would have more depth, and then 2 rows before I bound off, I did a row of YO, k2tog to try and prevent any curling. I really like the way the eyelets look at the top of the shawl.

It’s amazing how refreshed I feel after finishing a project. I’m ready and excited to cast on for something new – or maybe even finish up a few lingering works in progress before the spring KAL starts! How’s your spring knitting going?

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