April Fool

Guys, it’s April. How did that happen? I really love the months of April and May – so full of new life, and beautiful color. Since we’re starting our entire garden from seed this year, I’ve already been able to see a little of that new life on a daily basis. It’s been just amazing to see the little seedlings poke their heads through the dirt. 

Although in knitting terms, I seem to be turning into an April fool. I can’t seem to concentrate on a project for more than a couple of days before I’m bored with it and want to start something new. I don’t know what it is. I just seem to be feeling uninspired and I can’t figure out why. I’ve got two shawls on the needles and it’s almost painful every time I go to knit either of them. I’m almost through with the lace portion of Annis, and I’m hoping once I have it finished and blocked, I’ll have a little bit of my inspiration back. Sometimes all it takes is finishing a project, so maybe I just need to forge on, just like my little seedlings.
How do you get your knitting inspiration back? I need help!

8 thoughts on “April Fool

  1. Sometimes I totally switch gears. Like a couple of weeks ago, I set my dk weight down and picked up bulky for a very fast knit. Next, I'm going to try something I've never done ( knitted shorts and, maybe, leggings) to keep myself interested. It may just be time for you to write out some of the patterns you've been considering, Jennifer. Maybe you need a challenge. I know this time of year Webs has a sale, a bunch of patterns come out, I have all these ideas, and I feel too ADD to get much done. 🙂


  2. I usually hang at my LYS for awhile and feel some new yarns. Sometimes I'm just inspired by a certain color or fiber. I recently lost my mojo because I was knitting four different projects for other people, so I finished up the quickest one and cast on a hat for myself, then a shawl after that. I guess there are limits to my knitting altruism.


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