The 3 Day, $13 Sweater

 {I realize I didn’t get to post the other days of Knitmas – I didn’t have those posts scheduled and the holidays got a little busy and I didn’t have time to post them. I’ll do it soon!}

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the wonderful holiday season!
Ever since I knit my sister an Aidez for her birthday (and for my first sweater of 2012!), I’ve known I wanted to make one for myself. I would go back and forth after seeing the photos of the sweater on me, but every time I saw her wearing it, I had sweater envy. So, during Knit Picks cyber Monday sale, I ordered up enough bulky yarn to make myself one. I chose Brava Bulky, a 100% acrylic yarn that had pretty good reviews. I was really going for the most for my money here, and I achieved that. My total yarn cost? $13.
And then, on Christmas day I had a crazy idea. I wanted to see just how fast I could knit this sweater. I figured, bulky yarn, big needles – I set a goal of 3 days. Plus, Jake gave me this awesome yarn bowl for Christmas and I wanted to put it to good use. So Wednesday morning, I set up camp in front of the fire. Coffee at my side, music playing, and kitties cheering me on, I got to work.
And for the next three days, my life centered around knitting. And it was awesome!
The sweater worked up very quickly – I went up to a size US 11 needle because I knew I wanted something a little more oversized. I used a US 10 for the sleeves though because sleeves with size 11 were enormous. They swallowed my arms! 
I have nothing but good things to say about this yarn. It may be 100% acrylic, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. It’s super soft, springy, and extremely warm. I’m looking forward to wearing it for the rest of the winter!
So here it is – my 3 day, $13 sweater. And I’m in love with it.
Happy New Year everyone!

17 thoughts on “The 3 Day, $13 Sweater

  1. I love it too! I remember when you knit the Aidez for your sister, how it made me want to make one too. This one is beautiful. I like the extra ease in it. I'm interested to know how the Brava wears over time. I've never knit with it, but I know that the Wool Ease sweaters in my wardrobe get heavy rotation. Maybe I feel like they're indestructible, or something. The fact that you did it so quickly makes me think it would be worth squeezing in this winter.


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