On the Second Day of Knitmas

 If the knitter in your life is anything like me, they probably love giving hand knitted gifts to those that they love. Or perhaps they sell the things they knit, or donate them to charity. No matter what, it’s always nice to give the item with a cute handmade tag or card – if for no other reason, than to let the person know how to take care of the item that was made with love for them.
These hand carved, personalized stamps from Cupcake Tree make a wonderful gift! I personally own the yarn skein one, and I love it. It adds the perfect personalized touch to all hand made gifts (even if they’re not knitted!). They’re absolutely precious, and durable! I can definitely speak to that – mine’s been batted around and carried around by two spunky kitties, and has held up perfectly. Even if you’re not interested in a knitting stamp, she’s got so many awesome hand carved stamps at a wonderful price – definitely worth checking out!
{click on photo to be taken to listing}
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