Seventh Sweater

After (far) too long, my seventh sweater of 2012 is finished! It’s almost like cheating, because it’s so tiny and should have taken no time at all. Instead, this little thing slept with one sleeve for a couple of months. I kept putting it off by telling myself that it was useless until the weather got colder. Well, guess what? The weather’s colder. So yesterday, I sat down and didn’t stop until I was finished. And, not surprisingly, it only took a couple of hours.

The recipient is my now 3 month old nephew, Curran. I don’t have any photos of him wearing it yet, but I know he will rock it with such style. I mean, how could he not?
The pattern is Baby Sophisticate, and I used Lion Brand’s Organic Cotton. So soft, and machine washable – perfect for a baby knit! And let’s talk about those buttons. A couple of years ago at SAFF, I came upon a lady who was selling a crapton of her old buttons for really cheap (like 10 cents each cheap), and she had a bunch of these cute vintage leather ones. I took them all (a whole bag full), and have been hoarding  saving them. They are just perfect for this little sweater, and I have so many more to use and can’t wait to find the perfect project to put them on!
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11 thoughts on “Seventh Sweater

  1. Great, Jennifer, now I have to have more kids so I can make them one of these! Really, it's sharp and the buttons are the perfect finishing touch.


  2. The yarn looks so yummy, and the buttons – just the perfect icing on the cake! I love your baby sweater, in fact I want one in that yarn and buttons for me too 🙂


  3. Or you could just do what I do, and knit for other people's babies 🙂 probably much easier for you! Or make one for your cat??


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