Stripe Fever

I have it. It’s put everything else on hold. My current sweater? Shoved in a box. I want to wrap myself in stripes. We’re going on vacation at the end of the month, and I want to have this finished to take with us, so it’s become priority numero uno. And I’m impressed with how quickly it’s going.
It’s further along than this – I’m totally finished with the first striped section and am starting on the short rows. Pretty sure Jake has heard the words “just let me finish this row” more times than ever recently, and it’s all because of the stripes.

7 thoughts on “Stripe Fever

  1. hahahahahhaha! i hadn't even finished reading the article and i came down here to make a 'just let me finish this row' comment…i looked up to see you had already taken care of it!!!


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