Sweet Summer

Things are slowly coming together around here. The kitties have finally adjusted, and are loving their new house.

And we’ve almost gotten the house put together. One room remains a mess!

(Yes, I painted our doors purple. They’re awesome.)
One of my favorite things about unpacking things that have been in storage for a while is finding things you totally forgot about. Not only does it really make you realize how little you need all this “stuff” (since I forgot all about it…), but it’s like a free shopping trip!
I’ve been able to spend some time out in the studio organizing it a bit and getting the atmosphere just right. The studio is an old garage that was closed up and fed with electricity, so trying to make concrete walls and floor welcoming has bit a bit of a challenge – needless to say, I’ll be investing in a dehumidifier to try and get that musty smell out, and to protect my yarn. But we’ve hung lights and set things up in there, and it’s starting to look pretty awesome.
It’s so nice to have a desk to spread out on!
I have actually been doing a little bit of knitting. I’m due for a new niece or nephew in a few weeks, so I’ve been whipping up this little sweater for it to rock in the Fall.
While unpacking yarn (I almost took a photo of my stash… but it’s too embarrassing. I obviously have a problem.), I came across some luxurious silk/mohair yarn that my father in law got for me a couple of years ago after my lovely gallbladder surgery. So I’ve been playing around with it, knitting up a simple, airy rectangular shawl that will hopefully showcase the beautiful colors in the yarn.
It really is a dream on the fingers, so I can’t wait to wrap myself it.
How are you enjoying your summer so far? 

7 thoughts on “Sweet Summer

  1. I'm so living vicariously through you.  I LOVE the photos of your home, it seems to be everything I've ever dreamed of having myself!  It looks so full of character, and your camera filter is perfect!  Also, purple doors?  I die.  Congratulations!


  2. Your new house looks wonderful! I can't get over your kitties, though- I also have a gigantic fluffy ginger and a tabby! Mine are named Gatsby (gigantic ginger), and Yarn (tiny tabby). 


  3. Ah Yarn!! I love that! Our big fluffy ginger is Fozzie (like from the muppets), and the petite tabby is Pearl – we love our furry children!


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