Bright Blue

I finished my fourth sweater of 2012 the other day, and I think I could wear it every day. The color is incredible, and it’s really comfy. Even though I made the size 31, it’s a little looser than I would like, which is weird because I was right on with my gauge. If I ever made another sweater like this, I’d probably go down to a size 9 needle to make the fabric a little more dense.
 (How gorgeous is that forsythia in the background?! Spring has sprung!)
The pattern was quick and simple, and could have probably been done within a week or two if I hadn’t had a bridal shower to plan and throw.
The yarn I used was Cascade 220 superwash, which was nice, but I found that it was actually a little thinner than regular 220, but I got a bunch of it 50% off at one of my local yarn stores, and who can pass that up? This took less than 3 skeins, so I’ve got plenty of this great blue yarn to whip something else up.

Oh yeah – I got about 5 inches of hair cut off – it’s so much cooler and lighter!

I’m probably just as shocked as you are that this is my fourth sweater in just two and a half months – I’ve been really enjoying making them! I’m switching things up and started a lace shrug today to wear at the wedding I’m in May 5. After using bulky and worsted weight yarns, lace yarn feels really thin!


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