Second Sweater

Well, poncho. But I’m still counting it!

I made this for my older sister, who live in Minneapolis. It will be perfect for her winters – it’s very warm and cozy! The pattern, although a bit boring, was simple and fairly quick. This was my first time working entrelac, and I loved it! It’s so fun, and looks much more complicated than it really is (which is always nice!). I made a few mods – I shortened the sides and back by 4 stitches, and wish I had done more. It’s very wide! I also sewed the sides together about halfway down – it makes it hang a little better, and gives it a defined arm hole, while still leaving it open at the bottom.
This was my first time using this yarn – it’s Sirdar Nova Super Chunky that I bought off someone’s Ravelry stash. It’s a pretty good yarn – nice and thick, sturdy, and machine washable, which is always nice when you’re giving a gift.
The year of the sweater is still in full force! I’m on schedule to finish my third sweater of the year this weekend (!!!) – it just needs sleeves! My mom just picked out the sweater she wants, so I’ll hopefully cast that on this weekend too. I’m loving this sweater knitting!
What’s on your needles?


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