First sweater of 2012

It’s finished! 
My first FO of 2012 – and boy was it a big one! I talked before about how this will be the year of sweaters for me, and I’m now able to mark the first one off my list. The pattern, Aidez by Cirilia Rose, was a fairly quick knit. It took me about 20 days, and could have taken less if I really focused on it during my down time (or taken a break and started another sweater…. whoops). But, hey, sometimes a girl’s tired after work.
Even though I’m modeling it, this is a birthday gift for my younger sister’s birthday, which was January 12 (I’m not too late!!). 
The whole time I was knitting this, I was planning on making one for myself, but now that it’s done and I have photos of me wearing it, I’m not so sure that it looks that great on me. Good thing it’s not for me!
The second sweater I’ve started is for my older sister’s birthday, which is February 16 – they don’t leave me much time in between their birthdays to make gifts! This next sweater is the Uptown Poncho by Rosemary Drysdale, and it’s also shaping up to be quite a quick knit. It’s my first time doing entrelac, and I’m already finished with the front panel – it’s very addictive!

9 thoughts on “First sweater of 2012

  1. thank you! one of my “goals before i turn 30” is to knit everyone in my family a sweater, so I'm getting a few of them out of the way now!


  2. I think the Aidez looks great on you.  I look at it and think fall in college-casual but cool and other cheesy adjectives.   20 days is fast for such a complicated looking sweater!  The poncho is cool too but in a very different way- a little more sophisticated.


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