A Bit Icy

The first weekend in October, we had quite a cold spell. As in, lows in the mid 30s cold spell. It was so wonderful! I wore so many handknitted goodies – it was wonderful! We woke up early on Sunday, grabbed coffee, and drove up to Craggy Pinnacle, about 15 minutes drive on the Parkway, for a short hike. It was awesome to see the top of the mountains covered in rime ice on our way up.
And it was even more amazing once we reached the top. It was strange to be around ice in early October, but I absolutely loved it!

This tree was so cool! And covered in ice, even cooler (what a terrible pun, sorry)!
We stopped to take a picture under the tree, and right as we were snapping it, a huge chunk of ice fell off the tree and hit me right on the nose. Perfect timing to show off my fiddlehead mittens!

Jake is so brave, standing on the ledge like that. I was a wuss – couldn’t do it!
Even though my schedule’s been crazy, I’ve found some time to knit on my Dahlia cardigan, and it’s coming along! Can’t wait to be finished so I can wear it. On another note, is anyone out there going to SAFF next weekend? I’ll be there! I’m so very excited!


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