a yard too short… twice

Well, more than a yard, actually. Almost 200 yards.
We’re going to a wedding next weekend, and I needed a little something to keep me warm in case I get cold in the air conditioned buildings. I fell in love with Trousseau the minute I saw it, and knew it would be perfect. I started out with lace weight, then quickly moved up to sport to make it go a little quicker. I soon knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the entire large size with the 2 skeins I had, so I decided to do a combination of the small and large. I just knew I would have enough yarn, so I plugged along. And, of course, I ran out of yarn right before I started the edging. No problem, I thought – I had skein of Knit Picks Telemark that would contrast the yellow well. I was plugging along, binding off, when….
I ran out of yarn again. So I looked through my stash and saw that I had a few skeins of Knit Picks Palette in the same color as the telemark, so I finished the bind off with that. In reality, it’s not noticeable, but I couldn’t believe I ran out of yarn. Twice.
But, after all that stress, I really like the finished product!

I made a few modifications, mainly because of my yarn shortage, but I’m glad I did. This is the perfect size, and had I made the large size, I think it would have been too big. I worked up to the last increase section, then worked one repeat of chart B, then chart C before binding off.

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