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it’s pretty gloomy outside. We’ve been lucky so far, and most of the big storms have missed us. However, right now we’re under a tornado watch, and the bad weather is quickly moving our way. While I’m not a fan of tornados and all the damage they can bring, I do enjoy a relaxing thunderstorm. So I am hoping the weather dies down enough so there’s no damage, but not so much that we don’t get a nice thunderstorm. In the midst of all this gloomy weather, I’m bringing bright colors into my life!

I’ve decided I needed a nice, lacy spring scarf to wear out. The weather during the day is nice enough for a skirt or dress, but it definitely gets chilly here at night, which I discovered last weekend while we were out downtown. So that’s when I decided I needed a nice scarf to wrap around me when the evening chill sets in.
It’s working up quickly, and I’m hoping it will be finished soon!
What else will help make seem a gloomy day a little brighter? Why, puppies of course! My little sister got a puppy a few weeks ago, and oh my goodness he’s a precious one! Meet Cooper:
I may just have to steal him.

3 thoughts on “gloom

  1. That is pretty yarn! I am about to finish a sweater, then I'm doing something summery! Hope you didn't the have severe weather some of the south got- saw the news this morning. Oh, and I love those big puppy paws.


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