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2KCBWDAY5 – Something a Little Different

Day 5: And now for something a little different….
I present to you, the story of…

Pearl, The Yarn Destroyer.

“I’m so excited about all my new yarn! It’s so pretty and soft and the colors are just wonderful!”

“Let me just set them down for a quick second. They’ll be fine right here.”

Enter, Pearl, the well known Yarn Destroyer around the apartment.
“Oh boy, new yarn! It looks expensive too. I shall pick one, destroy it, and if I’m quick enough, I will take it back to my secret lair under the bed.”
“But first, I must call on my minion Fozzie to be a lookout. Make sure the coast is clear, fuzzbutt!”
“Purrrrfect. This blue one looks especially expensive. I shall destroy it.”
“Oh…. god…. the wool…. so… gooooood! Must…. destroy!”
“Oh cat litter. I’ve been caught!”
“My yarn! My beautiful yarn! Can it be saved??”
To Be Continued…..


21 thoughts on “2KCBWDAY5 – Something a Little Different

  1. thank you all for the sweet comments! i'm loving reading every single one of your blogs – gotta love all the new knitterly friends found through knit & crochet blog week!


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