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2KCBWDAY4 – Where are they now?

Day 4 – Whatever happened to your _________?

I’ve written about my girasole before
It was supposed to be a gift for someone else. But about halfway through, I realized that person would never be able to appreciate what all had gone into making this gorgeous blanket, so I contemplated keeping it. Then, in a flash of brilliance I realized who the perfect recipient would be – my grandparents. My grandparents are incredible people. They truly love unconditionally, which I feel is a hard concept for most people these days. My grandmother is a quilter, and my grandfather a woodworker, so I knew they would appreciate the love that went into every stitch of this blanket. They have provided so much love and comfort to those they know in their lives, not only family, but anyone that crosses their path. I hoped that this would provide them with as much love and comfort as they have provided for me throughout my life, and while I know it can’t come close, knowing that they sleep beneath it at night makes me feel wonderful. No, this is not used as a lap blanket in my grandparent’s house, it is the comforter they placed on their bed so that they could use it every night. I am so fortunate to have them as grandparents.

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