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Spring is here

And with Spring comes pollen. And sinus pain. And that’s what I have right now. I took the day off of work because I woke up this morning and felt like I had been smashed in the face with a baseball bat. The medicine I’ve taken so far is helping and I’m feeling a little better. Enough to do some knitting! I’m still working hard on my 4 projects, and am almost finished with the second. I’ll make sure to share them all when I’m all finished! Just 23 days left to finish them – still hoping I can pull it off!

So, dear readers, I have a request for you. We’re leaving for Spring break in a few weeks and going beach camping (yay!)! I’m so very excited! But here’s my dilemma: I need some good book recommendations! So far, the only one I have planned to read is Water For Elephants, but I need more! I’m up for anything – other than trashy romance. So please, send your favorite book recommendation my way, because I’d love to read it.


5 thoughts on “Spring is here

  1. Jennifer, do you use a neti pot (or sinucleanse)? I got one at the drug store and it is helping. I still have to take sudafed avery night and use Afrin, which I know isn't good for my nose, but if I use the sinucleanse regularly, I need less of other things. Hope you feel better. – Michelle


  2. @mamatronic i haven't! but i've wanted to try. i'm a little scared it will gross me out, which is the only thing holding me back. I might need to get one though, the pollen hasn't even started to fall, so my sinuses are bound to get worse!


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