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So with the passing of my 27th birthday a few weeks ago, I had a slight freak-out about 30 being so close. I know, I know….. 30 is still 3 years away – BUT… 3 years ago, Jake and I were living in Portland and that seems like just a few months ago. The moral? Time goes by very quickly.

So, to make sure I do things I want to before time slips away from me, I’ve decided to make a list of things I want to do before I turn 30. Some will be big, some will be small, but all are things I’ve wanted to learn how to do and figure there’s no time like the (semi) present to get them done.

– learn how to crochet so I can make cool things like this.
– knit a sweater for every person in my family
– learn how to play one (hopefully more) of the following instruments: fiddle, banjo, mandolin
– write down the children’s book i have floating around in my head every day, even if no one other than any future children i may have read it
– start graduate school
– take some photography classes
– volunteer more of my time to people less fortunate
– get a pattern published in a major publication (got plenty of ideas for that one!)

I will, of course, continue to add to this list should anything else come to me, but for now…. this is what I want to accomplish in the next 3 years. It’s possible………. right?

And so this isn’t a photo-less post, here’s a friend I made at SAFF –


2 thoughts on “life list

  1. Cute friend! One of these days I've got to go to SAFF. Right now I can't even think about traveling; the holiday knitting crunch is bearing down!


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