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Beautiful Dawn

The leaves are slowly turning here in Asheville and fall is definitely in the air! We went hiking on Sunday and enjoyed a nice drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of Autumn. And, of course, with Autumn comes….

Wooly worms!! Ahh, I love these guys. Near Boone, where I went to college, every year there is a wooly worm festival – it’s so awesome. People bring a furry little worm and they have races, and the winner is used to help predict winter. They were out in full force during our hike, so I had to snap a few pictures – they’re just so cute! The scenery around here is just amazing – I’d almost forgotten how beautiful it is in the mountains….
The weather is starting to get chilly, the colors are rapidly changing, and life is good.
I’ve got a new pattern available! A few months ago, I picked up a gorgeous skein of thick and thin yarn from Maya at SpringtreeRoad. I have a thing with thick and thin yarn – it’s just simply beautiful. I love the way it looks. But what do you do with it? It creates such an interesting fabric when knitted up, I just knew it needed to be turned into something beautiful. So, here’s what I came up with….
I absolutely love it! The cable is beautiful and runs the entire length of the neckwarmer. The texture is amazing – and the versatility of it even better. The buttons are placed so that it can be worn multiple ways, and because of the fabric of the thick & thin, there’s no need to make button holes! It’s available on Ravelry and Etsy, and you can find plenty of yummy thick and thin yarn in Maya’s shop!


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