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on my knitting, that is. I’ve been trying my hand at wet felting, and it’s a blast. So far, I’ve only finished a felted bar of soap, but i’ve got a cool little bowl drying as i type, and it’s going to be awesome.

my felted soap!
I’m going to try and do some designs in the next bar of soap I try. It’s really fun, easy, and fairly cheap. Anyone else tried any wet felting?
I guess I shouldn’t say I’ve been cheating on my knitting, because I’ve done quite a bit of that as well. My mom’s birthday was this past Thursday, so I knitted her up a few things!
Ribbed Vest (Ravelry link) 
Alpaca Tunic (Ravelry link)
I couldn’t really get a good picture of the tunic, but I have to say – it was my first time doing pleats and pockets, and I love them both. I want everything I make now to have both. 
I’m also 12 inches into a sweater that’s rolling along fairly quickly, and should be ready for fall….in ASHEVILLE! That’s right – we’re moving! Jake was offered a job today in Asheville! We’re both so excited. It’s perfect timing – just in time for the best season ever in one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. And the mountains – oh, the mountains. They have been missing from my life – can’t wait to have them again!

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