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bird mites

I know I mentioned before about how my camera was out of commission, and there is indeed a story behind that. And it involves our sweet, innocent birdie friends! So almost every day for two weeks, either Jake or I would head out to the nest with camera in arm to take a picture of our feathered friends. Well, the day before they flew the coop, Jake headed out there and snapped a few shots, then returned so we could look at them. It was then that I noticed small brown dots crawling up his arms and all over his hands. He hopped in the shower immediately and threw his clothes in the wash, but after doing a little research we realized that they were, in fact, bird mites. What are bird mites, you might ask? Well, according to a quick google search, they are gross little insects that live off of birds. And they had definitely invaded the nest outside our house.

So, in order to protect ourselves from being infested with bird mites (which according to most things we read are near impossible to get rid of), we wrapped the camera up in a plastic bag, then placed it in a larger ziplock bag for almost 3 weeks to kill any bugs that may have crawled onto it.

So, if you happen to see any of these critters running around your house, do everything you can to get rid of them!

And I suppose I should learn to keep my distance from cute little fuzzy wild animals….but, seriously, who can pass these little guys up?

So, I have my camera back, which means I can start posting more interesting things about what’s been going on around here. I have a couple of new designs which I will be revealing in the next few weeks, and a fabulous collaboration I’m working on which will be announced at the beginning of August!

So, what’s been going on with you?

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