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FO: Love & Comfort


Pattern: Girasole by Jarod Flood
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool
Needle Size: US 11
you can check it out on my ravelry page here
This is definitely the largest project I’ve done to date, and for anyone who is intimidated by the size of it – don’t be! The actual knitting part is not difficult at all – the only thing I had to get used to was the sheer size of it. Mine ended up being larger than most (over 8 feet!!) because I went up a needle size to US 11. I even left out a repeat of the last chart because it was using more yarn than I expected it to. All in all, it’s a wonderfully written pattern, and I definitely plan on making it again for us (this one’s for my grandparents).

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11 thoughts on “FO: Love & Comfort

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and giving us hope for those large projects. I crocheted an afgan in 3 months back in 2001. It is one of my prized possessions. I know you feel accomplished.


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