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oh, hey there May

I know being busy is such a lame excuse. I know I could have blogged quite a few times in the past month, but haven’t. I also know that somehow time has gotten away from me and can’t believe it’s already May.

Seriously? May?
So let me play a bit of catch up. In April:
Jake finished up his master’s thesis (YAY!), and started doing some major job hunting. Hopefully, we’ll be moving sometime this summer, and he’ll be doing something that earns us at least $1 million/month. I heard they’re just giving out jobs like that, right?
It also got warm here in Georgia. And, the humidity came to visit. I’m ready for it to leave.
My knitting projects grew to massive proportions:
it’s overtaking me!

I experimented with wire and beads and made a bird’s nest ring for Jordan
Then! I found a REAL bird’s nest right outside our living room window! It’s far more beautiful than the ring I made, but, hey, I never said I was as good as nature.
isn’t nature incredible??

We went to Asheville for a bridal shower, and found this gorgeous Luna Moth relaxing on my parent’s porch.
And now, I have 9 full days and 2 half days of school left until summer break! And after that the REAL fun starts! My plan is to close down my etsy shop here in a few weeks for the summer and come back ready for action in the fall – I’ll have new designs, wonderful new colors, and I’ll be selling some patterns! 
So….what have you guys been up to? I’ve missed you!


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