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sunday funday

what a wonderful weekend it’s been here! yesterday it was in the 60s and today it got up to almost 70! it’s not supposed to stay that warm, but it’s been great to get a small glimpse of what is to come with spring!

i’m not gonna lie….my knitting mojo has dissapeared. i’m not sure where it went, and quite honestly, i’m not that worried about finding it right now. i’ve tried to do a few selfish projects, and they’ve been fun. makes me remember what it’s like to knit for me 🙂 i cast on today for a lovely lace shawl, and i’m hoping it’ll go pretty quickly – i’m going to try and finish it this week!

today we went to one of the neatest antique stores i’ve ever been to located in Madison, Georgia. One of the first things I saw were these goodies hanging on the wall. i have yet to knit a pair of socks, but have heard they are addicting, so i can only imagine i would NEED these if i were a sock knitter –

and right beside it was this awesome basket – filled with these lovely balls of vintage fabric yarn! i wanted them so badly…but to get the yarn, i had to buy the basket & it was $125. needless to say, it’s still at the store.
so instead, i purchased this beautiful ring – i’m so in love with it!
while walking around i saw one of the neatest things i’ve seen – in the center of the town’s flower arrangements was kale! it was so beautiful – and i never would have thought of putting it together with flowers!
there was this neat old hardware store that had plants out – ready to go into the ground. it was so fun to see green and to think about what we’re going to plant! i’m definitely ready for spring!
i hope you all had a fabulous weekend! do anything exciting?


5 thoughts on “sunday funday

  1. I've missed seeing your projects popping up all week. I was thinking you guys were out of town. I've also heard that socks are addicting. These baby legwarmers take forever because the needles and yarn are so small. I can't imagine how long a sock takes. I may make a thick pair for cool weather, but I can't see myself making a whole lot of them. Madison sounds awesome. Maybe we will check it out next weekend ourselves. RLWH


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