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new years "resolutions"?

let’s be honest. every january, we all make “resolutions” that more than likely fall by the wayside after about 3 weeks. i’ll admit – i’m just as guilty of this as the next person. and although i would love to be able to keep these resolutions, i just get so overwhelmed with this thing called life, and end up feeling guilty because i’ve failed.

so, this year, i’ve decided to try something new. something different.

monthly goals.

the way i see it, if i set certain goals for myself each month, i’m less likely to let them fall off since i’m doing them for a shorter period of time. the idea is for me to have one personal goal and one store goal. so, without much hesitation, i’m going to jump right in….
january 2010 goals:
store goal ::: 3 new etsy listings a week. relisting sold items doesn’t count.
personal goal ::: step outside of my comfort “box” once a week. this is huge for me because one of my biggest fears is being embarassed. i’m trying to work on it 🙂
at the end of the month, i’ll look back and see how i’ve done! if i’ve fallen a little short – it’ll be time for a new goal!
happy 2010 everyone!


3 thoughts on “new years "resolutions"?

  1. I love your clutches. Especially that bird one. Have you thought about doing some smaller ones (maybe with a zipper?) I saw one the other day that was a good size for a wallet or make-up. You could do a set!


  2. yeah! i love the set idea! the one i'm working on now was going to have a zipper, but i am totally intimidated by them, so I'm going to have to do a lot of practicing before i put one in – but hopefully soon!


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