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Grey Skies

Today in Georgia, the skies are grey and are producing yet another day of rain.  I actually like the grey and rainy days.  First, it reminds me of living in Portland – where I would gladly return. Second, it cools things off a bit, which is always welcomed in Georgia!

But the thing I think I love the most about the grey, rainy days are the way other colors are influenced.  It seems that when the skies are grey, the green on the trees, yellow of the flowers, and now, the fall colors all *pop* more. One of the most amazing images scorched into my brain is from a fall day in Boone.  I was driving down one of the curvy mountain roads after a rain storm, and the road was lined on both sides with these gorgeous trees, whose leaves had turned the most amazing shade of yellow. The rain and wind was causing the leaves to cascade down towards the ground, and as I was driving through, it was as if I was being showered by the most gorgeous yellow confetti on the planet. I will never forget how amazing that color looked with the grey sky as a backdrop.

One of my favorite rainy day activities is curling up in my sweatpants on the couch with some hot tea, knitting or a good book and snuggling with the kitties or my husband.

Do you enjoy rainy days?


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