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Shop Swap & Blog!

So all online sellers know how it is. Those same questions keep running through our minds – how in the world do we get the word out about our awesome creations? If you’re like me, online selling is not your first source of income, but something to cover your hobby’s expenses and make a little extra cash. But it’s hard to get seen! And it can definitely be frustrating when something you think is so amazing gets lost online. The internet is such a HUGE space with so many people trying to sell. How do we do it??

Pattie over at Structured Chaos has come up with a wonderful idea – a shop swap and blog! It works like this – you sign up for the swap (with an option of one or two partners), send a sample item from your shop along with a note with some more information about you, receive a sample item from your partners store with their info, and then blog about your partner and their store!
I’ve already signed myself up, and would love for you to as well! It’s such a wonderful idea, and I thank Pattie so much for coming up with it! More information can be found here, as well as how to sign up. Hope to see your face on the list of sellers, and can’t wait to read all the blog posts!

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